Proprietary Codes


Cerner’s implementation of the HL7® DSTU2 FHIR® standard allows Millennium proprietary code values to be used in addition to standard value set codes on a limited basis. This allows developers to read and write data with clients’ proprietary codes, eliminating the need to map proprietary codes to standard codes. This is particularly beneficial for concepts that are highly customized by clients such as appointment and document types.

Millennium groups repetitive textual information into code sets. The code set stores a numeric code value that represents a textual or character display. Code sets are consistent across all clients. But the values in a code set vary between clients and are only guaranteed unique within a specific EHR system, which is the reason for the EHR source id (or tenant) qualifier in the system URL.

The following are true for all Millennium proprietary codes:

Example outbound CodeableConcept displaying both standard and proprietary codes:

  "type": {
    "coding": [
        "system": "",
        "code": "394581000",
        "display": "Community medicine",
        "userSelected": false
        "system": "<EHR source id>/codeSet/14249",
        "code": "21265426",
        "display": "Same Day",
        "userSelected": true



The DocumentReference Resource supports proprietary codes for:



The Appointment Resource supports proprietary codes for:


The Slot Resource supports proprietary codes for:

List of Code Sets

Code Set 72 Event Code

This code set is extremely large, very client customized, and maintains all clinical events such as various clinical documents or note types and clinical observations such as laboratory results and vital signs.

  "system": "<EHR source id>/codeSet/72,
  "code": "2820587",
  "display": "Discharge Note-Nursing",
  "userSelected": true

Code Set 14249 Scheduling Appointment Synonyms or Types

This code set is highly customized by clients and may include appointment types such as Office Visit, Office Visit - New, or Office Visit - Follow Up.

  "system": "<EHR source id>/codeSet/14249,
  "code": "5038369",
  "display": "Office Visit - Return",
  "userSelected": true