The DiagnosticReport resource provides a set of information and interpretation following a diagnostic service or procedure such as a Radiology, Pathology, or Cardiology report. The DiagnosticReport resource will produce information about the diagnostic report itself and about the subject.

The information produced can include a mix of textual reports, images, and codes, depending on the type(s) of diagnostic services being retrieved. This resource currently only supports Radiology reports in the presented form of either PDF or HTML.

The following fields are returned if valued:

Terminology Bindings


Search for DiagnosticReports that meet supplied query parameters:

GET /DiagnosticReport?:parameters

Authorization Types


Name Required? Type Description
patient This or subject reference The subject of the report if a patient. Example: 12345
subject:Patient This or patient reference The subject (Patient) of the report. Example: 12345
date N date Date range into which the diagnostic report falls (effectiveDateTime). Example: date=ge2020-01-01T08:00:00.000Z&date=lt2020-01-31T17:00:00.000Z
_count N number The maximum number of results to return. Defaults to 10 and a maximum of 100 documents can be returned.

Implementation Notes


Accept: application/json+fhir
Authorization: <OAuth2 Bearer Token>



GET https://fhir-open.cerner.com/dstu2/ec2458f2-1e24-41c8-b71b-0e701af7583d/DiagnosticReport?patient=12724066&_count=10


Status: 200 OK
  "resourceType": "Bundle",
  "id": "05cb2a6a-1de9-4de9-a3ff-16c1f347f910",
  "type": "searchset",
  "total": 1,
  "link": [
      "relation": "self",
      "url": "https://fhir-open.cerner.com/dstu2/ec2458f2-1e24-41c8-b71b-0e701af7583d/DiagnosticReport?patient=12724066&_count=10"
  "entry": [
      "fullUrl": "https://fhir-open.cerner.com/dstu2/ec2458f2-1e24-41c8-b71b-0e701af7583d/DiagnosticReport/197198634",
      "resource": {
        "resourceType": "DiagnosticReport",
        "id": "197198634",
        "meta": {
          "versionId": "1",
          "lastUpdated": "2019-12-26T21:36:00.000Z"
        "text": {
          "status": "additional",
          "div": "<div><p><b>Diagnostic Report</b></p><p><b>Document Type</b>: Radiology Reports</p><p><b>Document Title</b>: Admission H &amp; P - Radiology</p><p><b>Effective Date</b>: 2019-12-26T21:35:07.000Z</p><p><b>Issued</b>: 2019-12-26T21:35:59.000Z</p><p><b>Patient</b>: SMART, NANCY</p><p><b>Status</b>: Final</p><p><b>Verifying Provider</b>: Cerner Test, Physician - Hospitalist Cerner</p></div>"
        "status": "final",
        "category": {
          "coding": [
              "system": "http://hl7.org/fhir/v2/0074",
              "code": "RAD",
              "display": "Radiology",
              "userSelected": false
          "text": "Radiology Reports"
        "code": {
          "text": "Radiology Reports"
        "subject": {
          "reference": "Patient/12724066",
          "display": "SMART, NANCY"
        "encounter": {
          "reference": "Encounter/97939518"
        "effectiveDateTime": "2019-12-26T21:35:07.000Z",
        "issued": "2019-12-26T21:35:59.000Z",
        "performer": {
          "reference": "Practitioner/4122622",
          "display": "Cerner Test, Physician - Hospitalist Cerner"
        "presentedForm": [
            "contentType": "text/html",
            "url": "https://fhir-open.cerner.com/dstu2/ec2458f2-1e24-41c8-b71b-0e701af7583d/Binary/TR-197198634",
            "title": "Admission H & P - Radiology"
            "contentType": "application/pdf",
            "url": "https://fhir-open.cerner.com/dstu2/ec2458f2-1e24-41c8-b71b-0e701af7583d/Binary/XR-197198634",
            "title": "Admission H & P - Radiology"

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